Saturday, October 22, 2011

CBM - Why use it?

What is CBM?
As the previous post explained, curriculum-based measurement (CBM) is a quick and easy form of standardized assessment in which teachers conduct individual assessments with students to determine each student's literacy skills. If CBM data show that a child has difficulty with a particular skill, teachers can give that students extra support in that area. The data is used to place students in tiers for RTI within a classroom.

So why should teachers use curriculum-based measurement?
Teachers should use CBM because it is efficient, useful, and well-aligned with the curriculum. Teachers can easily assess an entire class in 30-45 minutes because each assessment lasts about one minute. Also, teachers are in control of CBM in their own classrooms, and they can change the way they use it to fit their needs in instruction as well as the needs of their students. The results of CBM can be used to quickly implement changes in lesson plans for children who are struggling. Teachers will better understand exactly what skills students need to improve by using curriculum-based measurements.

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